SOS Practitioner Skill Levels

SOS Survival Operating System®  Manual Technicians are proficient at base treatments, which includes our adrenal, brainstem and lung techniques.  The purpose of these manual techniques is to down-regulate the survival response and improve awareness of the internal environment.

See an SOS Manual Technician for:

  • Resetting stress hormones contributing to a survival state
  • Global blood flow concerns
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Blood sugar management
  • Sleep concerns
  • Breathing and lung ailments
  • Decrease overall tension / Increase relaxation
  • Recovery from fevers, colds, illness
  • Headaches

SOS Survival Operating System® Manual Technologists – SOS manual technologists offer our base treatments, which includes our adrenal, brainstem and lung techniques.  These help to balance the survival hormones to reduce inflammation and stress, calm the brain physiology, and improve efficiency and ease of breathing. In addition technologists are trained to problem solve anatomical and biomechanical ailments and deeper issues.

See an SOS Manual Technologist for:

  • Resetting survival hormones contributing to a stressed state
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Global blood flow concerns
  • Blood sugar management
  • Sleep concerns
  • Breathing and lung ailments
  • Relaxation
  • Recovery from fevers, colds, illness
  • Headaches
  • Injury recovery
  • Concussion symptoms
  • Management of specific inflammatory conditions – Arthritis, Colitis, IBS, Polyps etc.

SOS Survival Operating System® Natural Surgeon – SOS Natural Surgeons are expert manual therapists with years of experience.  Advanced and chronic conditions persisting for years (both physiological and mechanical) require a high degree of attention and action planning. Due to their experience SOS Natural Surgeons have a deep knowledge base for priority sequencing treatments and a high degree of precision with their hands to be able to access problem areas for the greatest effects.  

See an SOS Natural Surgeon for:

  • Technician and Technologist list
  • Pre- and post- medical surgery
  • Treatment of artificial joints
  • Joint inflammation ailments/disease
  • Spine malalignment
  • Nerve impingement
  • Blood vessel impingement
  • Spinal disc degeneration and herniation
  • Ligament, muscle, fascia strains
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions and Post-concussion syndrome
  • Digestive and bowel disorders
  • Neurological degeneration
  • COPD and lung disease
  • Heart and vascular disease

SOS Survival Operating System® Mental Surgeon – SOS Mental Surgeons are trained to deal with mental programming that does not serve the individual cases.  Survival psychology serves a purpose but does not allow completion of ‘healing’ processes.  Mental surgeons facilitate sessions oriented to dealing with mental trauma, the belief and behavioural effects cascading from the cause.  Acting to guide individuals on the ‘journey’ to know thyself. Bouncing board to challenge beliefs to validate if they are working.

See an SOS Mental Surgeon for:

  • Post-traumatic event resolution
  • Nutritional programs
  • Belief system dissection and understanding
  • Mental ‘de-programming’
  • Action planning
  • Movement and exercise programs
  • Emotional body ailments
  • Self and non-self relationship management and alignment
  • Choice analysis
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