• WWE Superstar ‘Edge’. Actor; Haven, Vikings, Percy Jackson and The olympians Introduction Todd: Sitting here with Adam Copeland on May 18th 2011. Doing some questions and answers with his experiences on SOS Survival Operating System® manual therapy. Adam, how long have we been working together? Adam: It’s going on six years now. Which I have kind of lost track […]

  • When I first started going to see Todd, I have to admit that I was skeptical about his techniques. I had become so accustomed to painful treatments, that I wasn’t sure if he was actually doing anything with his light touch. But he didn’t only treat the location of the injuries I had, and looked for […]

  • Transcript Welcome back 6:03 here on Tampa Bay Sports Radio 620 WDAE.  Before we get to your phone calls, I just have to take a moment to tell you about my experience today.  You’ve heard Doctor Blanco on with me on occasion, talking about a gentleman who has revolutionized… I don’t know what he does.  I spent […]

  • I know many of you will understand the experience that I’m sharing with you. This will be something many share in common and something you and your family can relate to when dealing with a diagnosis where there are no answers given and you are just exhausting every avenue of trial and error. You experience many […]

  • Chris, I want to thank you for the incredible healing Hands and energy, both in a body physical mental emotional, and spiritual, you have brought into my life through your treatment! Not only are you keenly intuitive a natural God gifted healer, an incredible listener, But you also provide Healing Wisdom through your hands, through […]

  • There are average therapists, good therapists, even great therapists, and then there are therapists like Todd Swaine who are in a category that very few will ever reach. I have known Todd for just over 5 years, as I was the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the NBA Toronto Raptors from 2005-2009. In that […]

  • I felt fine, totally normal in fact, after Todd’s 2nd treatment and I even felt more energized throughout the day. The fatigue hit me the next morning. I was strangely tired, since nothing else had changed and I am finally over my cold, which went away completely the morning after my treatment. I didn’t even […]

  • I had the pleasure of working with Todd on becoming more aware and awakening my body. The experience has changed me, and cleared room for me mentally and physically. Since the session I am more aware of my thoughts and my everyday actions. I don’t feel the need to sweep issues and concerns under the rug but face […]

  • I met Todd Swaine 11 months ago, two weeks after Achilles Tendon surgery.  I had a complete rupture that required surgical repair. Conventional medicine and protocol prescribe a rehabilitation / physiotherapy program to commence 8 to 10 weeks after surgery. I am very happy that I ignored “protocol” and began my treatment with Todd so […]

  • My name is Beth, I am 59 years old and have been working with Jason for several years.  During this time I have experienced many benefits from the work we have done together, most notable is the work we have done in the last year of my time with Jason.  While it’s challenging for me […]

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