SOS Practitioner Skill Levels

  • SOS Survival Operating System®  Manual Technicians are proficient at base treatments, which includes our adrenal, brainstem and lung techniques.  The purpose of these manual techniques is to down-regulate the survival response and improve awareness of the internal environment. See an SOS Manual Technician for:

  • SOS Manual Technologists provide a more detailed approach than SOS Manual Technicians. In addition, to detailed hands-on work SOS Manual Technologists can problem solve common injuries and ailments with exercise, supplement, and dietary suggestions specific to the receiving individual. As analogy it is like taking a car to a mechanic to correct damaged or worn […]

  • SOS Natural Surgeons are expert manual therapists with years of experience.  Advanced and chronic conditions persisting for years (both physiological and mechanical) require a high degree of attention and action planning. Due to their experience SOS Natural Surgeons have a deep knowledge base for priority sequencing treatments and a high degree of precision with their […]

  • SOS Mental Surgeons act as a sounding board to challenge belief systems to validate if they are working (or not). This allows individuals to assess if a belief system and/or behaviour interferes with or facilitates the life they are looking for to be carried into the future. See an SOS Mental Surgeon for:

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