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SOS Survival Operating System® therapy services are offered either at the therapists location or in-home for the individual. In-home sessions are offered by request of the individual and consent of the SOS practitioner. Rates vary by practitioner skill level and independent price setting.

Standard initial sessions are 1.5 hours rather than the standard 1 hour. The extra half-hour is used to collect data and assess the individual situation to establish direction, areas of focus, and specific goals of the treatment.

In an SOS Survival Operating System® session, individuals wear the clothing they arrived in; no removal of clothing is required. It is best to wear comfortable, flexible clothing that covers your skin and keeps you warm (sometimes with the relaxation effect the body can feel cool/cold even in warm environments).

Most treatments will begin with a practitioner addressing the individual’s survival centers – namely adrenals, brainstem and lungs. For this portion of the treatment individuals lay on their back on a massage table. The aforementioned areas are the base treatment for SOS Survival Operating System® and can be completed by SOS Manual Technicians.

Corrective work begins with SOS Manual Technologists who can address restrictions major blood flow pathways, improve muscular and fascial function, as well as offer at home strategies for health improvement. More detailed corrective work occurs with SOS Natural Surgeons whom, with their level of experience and expertise can problem-solve down to the minute details in many injuries and ailments. When applicable practitioners will end sessions with breathing exercises. This is how SOS Survival Operating System® treatments can address the hierarchy of need with respect to the ALL and the individual.

When working with an SOS Mental Surgeon, some individuals may choose to participate in conversations that address problem-solving, planned action, belief-system auditing, and behaviour auditing. The goal of this type of therapy is to know thyself and offer clarity and understanding in daily choices.

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